On-site continuous pathogen monitoring

The LumAir™️ Airborne Pathogen Monitoring System (APMS) provides 24-7 monitoring, detection and analysis of pathogenic threats, transforming traditional spot-checking and costly off-site analysis

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No off-site incubation or analysis

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Less intervention

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Continuous monitoring

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Automatic reports

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Bacteria, molds & viruses

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Cloud-based monitoring

LumAir Technology

The LumAir APMS samples the air, analyses it for the presence of pathogens and if detected, alerts users using easy to use cloud based software.

Pathogen detection monitor and cartridge ready for insertion

Fully Automated Process

The APMS operates seamlessly in the background to verify that acceptable conditions are being maintained at all times. When a positive result is detected, the system provides a real-time alert to enable immediate intervention.

Pathogen detection monitor and inserted cartridge

Air Sampling

Air sampling is performed periodically using air drawn into a cartridge in the device

Pathogen detection cartridge and graphic representing sample analysis

Automated Sample Analysis

Powerful optical analysis of the sample is continuously carried out

Laptop displaying pathogen detection dashboard

Alerts & Reports

Automated detection alerts and reports are generated for designated users


Typical Applications

Hospital ward

Healthcare Facilities

Primary Care
 Residential Care

Cleanroom operation in production facility

Specialist Environments

Research Facilities
 Industrial & Commercial

Operator in white coat reading a tablet

Ease of set-up and operation

Monitors are small and non-invasive with no specialist training required to set up and operate.

Once a cartridge is loaded, the operation is fully automated. The system is connected securely to a remote cloud-based monitoring platform. Live status on each monitored space is viewed on the dashboard. 

The APMS is designed for ease of integration with host applications


Partner with the sensor experts

Using NuWave patented technology, the APMS offers a paradigm shift for on-site pathogen monitoring at scale. Contact us to find out about our flexible reseller program and enterprise options.

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