Proactive monitoring to put infection control teams on the front foot

The LumAir™️ Airborne Pathogen Monitoring System (APMS) provides on-site, continuous monitoring, detection and analysis to provide early warning of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO) and mould threats including aspergillus and MRSA.


Non-invasive and seamless operation

  • Automated background monitoring once cartridge loaded
  • Small, unobtrusive monitor, easily moved if necessary
  • Minimal impact on hospitals’ clinical workflow
  • Designed for non-technical healthcare personnel to operate with no specialist training or lab equipment
  • Instant plug & play set-up and minimal maintenance

Reduce risk of undetected pathogen threats

Protection for healthcare facilities

Traditionally, any viable deployment of continuous pathogen monitoring was constrained by resource-intensive methods and technology. The LumAir APMS solves this problem by providing fast, reliable feedback on the airborne presence of MDROs or mould. This output triggers the need for targeted infection control interventions. The technology is practical, cost-effective and scalable for ubiquitous, facility-wide monitoring throughout hospital areas including operating rooms, ICU, respiratory, endoscopy, radiology and general wards.


Easy to use remote monitoring

The HEX remote management system provides live status at a glance across multiple hospital zones and buildings. The dashboard is designed for ease of operation by non-technical staff and includes:

  • Dashboard accessed via desktop or mobile
  • View live status on multiple zones or buildings remotely
  • Detection reports including image of pathogen detected
  • Detection alerts

Continuous monitoring and proactive management delivers significant benefits

  • Improve quality of care by eliminating undetected MDROs and mould
  • Monitor effectiveness of infection control routines
  • Facilitate targeted intervention to improve efficiency and minimise costs

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