LA200 Pathogen Detection Monitor

The LumAir LA200 is a patented microbial detection monitor


The LA200 significantly shortens contamination detection times enabling early intervention

  • Full process typically 8-12 hours
  • Save days/weeks against traditional testing using laboratory sample processing
  • No separate incubation or analysis period
  • No preparation time for samples
  • Immediate alert via remote management system

The monitor is easy to set up and operate

The LA200 can be operated by non-technical personnel. Once a cartridge is loaded monitoring is automatic. Live status can be viewed for multiple devices on the user interface. 


Continuous monitoring represents a paradigm shift away from one-off testing

  • Continuous air sampling
  • Isolation of contamination sources with multiple monitored points
  • Cloud based software to present live status

Established Agar Methodology

The LA200 uses a culture-based agar methodology with a simple cartridge system. A sample of ambient air is drawn into the cartridge where pathogens have time to settle on the nutrient-rich and environmentally controlled detection site. Advanced image based processing of growth determines if microbial contamination is present.

Cartridges are designed to enable operatives to quickly and easily change without risk of cross contamination. The LA200 incorporates advanced control systems to maintain optimum conditions for pathogens to develop for detection.

Plug & Play Setup

The LA200 is plug & play, connecting directly into mains power and either a DHCP-enabled Ethernet port or an independent 4G router.

1. Register

Register online monitoring account for HEX cloud software

2. Connect

Plug in the monitor to a power and Ethernet port

3. View Live Status

View live status and receive alerts whenever detection events occur


Cloud-based software is used for monitoring the live status across multiple devices

  • View multiple buildings remotely
  • Check live status at a glance
  • Real-time alerts
  • Dashboard available on desktop, tablet display or mobile
There are no software subscription costs.

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New - LA200

The LA200 is successor to the LA100 and LU45 monitors. The LA200 retains all the key features of its predecessors including new optical detection technology and image processing output to enhance pathogen identification capabilities. Despite the added technology the LA200 remains a remarkably compact unit measuring only 165 x 240 x 70 mm (w x h x d).

Coming Soon - LM365

The LM365 is undergoing beta trials and will be available later in 2023. The molecular LAMP-based approach enables rapid processing and capability to detect MDRO superbugs such as C. difficile and Klebsiella, as well as a range of viruses.