HVAC Energy Optimisation

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and refers to the different systems used for moving air between indoor and outdoor areas, along with heating and cooling of both residential and commercial buildings. They also are the systems that filter and clean indoor air to keep you healthy and maintain humidity levels at optimal comfort levels. A large consumer of energy, HVAC systems are running at higher rates in order to maintain clean air within offices and buildings to keep personnel safe. The Covid-19 pandemic has amplified this behaviour. This issue coupled with the absence of staff from commercial buildings has meant a lack of maintenance. This has resulted in;

• Dirty and blocked filters

• Thermostat malfunctions

• Mechanical wear and tear

• Blown fuses or tripped breakers

• Water leaks.

AirSentric WB55 Air Quality Monitor

The NuWave system is responding to the need in the environment of the effected personnel versus the traditional approach of sensors within the ventilation ducts. NuWave’s WB55 system responds to the need of the air quality within the occupants environment which can relay information to the HVAC system. Your selected SKU of WB55 monitors detects CO2, Particle counts , Formaldehyde as well as temperature and humidity and can alert if clean air is needed within the facility demanding and increase or decrease from your HVAC system. This demand response is essential in optimising your HVAC requirements.

HEX Cloud Software

With NuWave’s HEX Cloud Software you can monitor your connected air quality sensors online and in real time using a free NuWave Sensor Data online account.

Set up is quick and easy — connect the data hub to an Ethernet point or use a mobile sim card and your sensors will connect wirelessly and send data online once connected, data can be analysed online or downloaded for more detailed analysis as well as linked with existing IT systems.

• Easy to use

• Remote monitoring

• Plug & Play set up

• No need for additional monitoring software systems

HEX Features