Optimise environmental conditions for a healthy workplace

The AirSentric system enables easy monitoring of ventilation, air quality and occupant comfort in the workplace. Live data collected from sensors is viewed in real-time on a dashboard, mobile phone or office tablet with automatic alerts to enable real-time response to any urgent issues. 

Simplified workplace solution

AirSentric sensors are deployed in a variety of workplace settings around the world. Sensors are easy to install and NuWave provides the practical guidance and tools to simplify the process for the customer. The system is designed for stable performance and maintenance-free operation so that customers can rely on seamless data provision.

Managers use HEX software for simplified, non-technical monitoring. Real-time alerts enable timely and effective remedial actions such as increasing ventilation in an occupied space or opening doors or windows in a busy conference room. Our system can be integrated with the customer’s platform of choice to ensure full interoperability.

Compliance and Building Certification

Ease of certification

Whichever standard you require to meet for your building, the AirSentric sensor system is designed to simplify and automate the process.

AirSentric monitors are RESET® tested and accredited ensuring suitability for Indoor Air Quality certifications, including WELL v2.0, fitwel, LEED 4.1 O+M and RESET® Air. You may also be monitoring to comply with regulations or an industry standard. We can provide expert guidance so that your monitoring strategy is compliant.

How to automate data collection for certification

  1. Deploy easy-to-install AirSentric sensors for continuous, no-touch monitoring
  2. Data is streamed securely and in real-time to our HEX platform
  3. HEX integrates with the relevant certification platform for automated data population
  4. Data is now pre-prepared and ready for submission to your certification body whenever required


Enabling children to thrive in safe and productive learning environments

Managing CO₂ and environmental conditions in schools and universities can help achieve:

  • Increased concentration levels and cognitive performance
  • Reduced absenteeism for staff and pupils
  • Reduced risk of viral transmission
  • Improved health outcomes

The AirSentric system is used in a variety of schools and educational facilities. Real-time information is invaluable for ensuring air quality and adequate ventilation are maintained in occupied classrooms and lecture theatres. Alerts enable simple remedial measures in real-time such as opening windows and doors for short periods or turning on air cleaning devices.

The system also provides information to help ensure that ventilation control is targeted only where and when it is required i.e. for occupied spaces. This reduces unnecessary energy demand to help schools operate efficiently.

Smart Buidings

Supplying reliable data for building performance

Building performance relies on good quality data and that’s where we come in. The AirSentric IoT system is designed to simplify the process of supplying reliable, robust and timely data to support smart building technologies.

Data can be provided on any combination of air quality and environmental metrics from an extensive range. This includes particulate matter (1.0, 2.5, 4.0 and 10.0), TVOC, CO₂ (ventilation), occupant comfort, presence detection, light, sound, formaldehyde, ozone, carbon monoxide and various other common pollutants.

Our sensor system is easy to deploy and provides the security and stability for reliable data collection. The system is fully flexible for integrating with other platforms or smart building applications as part of a wider IoT ecosystem.